Puff Puff POS

Puff Puff POS is a complete point of sale and inventory management system designed for retail use.

Streamlined Interface

A thoughfully designed UI maximizes transaction throughput and simplifies onboarding.


4+ years of operation across 3 retail store with no major downtime and no loss of data.

Rapid Redeployment

Runs on almost any Android tablet. POS can be redeployed in minutes if hardware fails without losing any of the day's transactions.

Live Inventory Counts

View up-to-the-second inventory counts for all stores in the chain.

Inventory Alerts

Detects common sources of inventory discrepancies and alerts users. This can happen when a previously popular product has suddenly stopped selling, or has its inventory drop below zero.

Role-Based Access

3 levels of role-based access control. Prevents new users from unintentially modify data or accessing sensitive information.

Offline Mode

Able to process transactions even when network connection is lost.

Gift Certificates

View a list of all transactions associated with a card. Lookup cards by purchase date or id if lost or damaged.

Product Search

Keyword search for intelligently looking up items by keyword, SKU, vendor code, or barcode. Sort by popularity, profit, category, and more.

Physical Receipts

Supports Epson TM-T20II and ION-X receipt printers.

Cash Drawer

Connect any automatic cash drawer to the DK port on your receipt printer for instant support.

Custom Tax Rules

Assign any combination of tax rules to a products or make it tax-exempt. Select the default tax rule that's applied to new products.

Sales Reports

Export batch total reports in an easily printable format, grouped by month, quarter, or year.

Sales Trends

Customizable bar chart for visualizing sales trends. View totals for the top selling products and categories at each store.

Missed Sale Tracking

Keeps track of which products customers are asking about that you don't currently stock.

Product Requests & Deliveries

Request delivery of a product that is in-stock at another store and view status updates as it is fulfilled.

Automatic Discounts

Create automatic discount rules that trigger when a particular combonation of products is purchased

Product Containers

Products can contain multiples of another product. Automatically manages the unpacking of cases as its contents are sold.