Philip Bemis

Software Design & Development

Solo Projects


A complete point-of-sale and inventory management solution for managing a chain of retail stores. Currently in operation at all Puffalot stores in Ottawa.

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An epic puzzle adventure game for iOS where players take the role of a tiny fly on a quest to find the missing Princess Pixel. Can you solve the mystery?

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Small Team & School Projects

Squirrelball (Prototype)

Indie Games Factory 2011-2012


Fall 2022

Final project for Algonquin College CST8334. Worked as lead programmer to develop a classic game of solitaire playable on Android devices. 

Web Auction Service

Spring 2022

An online auction service demo developed using Java Servlets and MySQL. Final project for Algonquin College CST8284.

Each user is given 500 credits and 5 random digital items upon account creation which they can use to participate in auctions.