Flyer is a revolutionary free flight simulator 
currently in development at Lightman Cybernetics.

How is it different from modern flight simulators?
- It is free forever.
- Although free, it is not open source.
- All content is developed by the community and injected into the program via a simple interface.

What will it do?
- Environmental Simulation
- Lifeform simulation. (Pedestrians, cars, animals)
- Two-way radio simulation.
- Flight simulation.

What can you do with it?
- Create custom landscapes and civilizations.
- Create custom aircraft. 
- Create custom missions, scripted events and cutscenes.

What's the catch?
None. Our hope is to create a piece of software so popular that donations will cover the cost of developing the framework. 
Since we are not developing any of the content, our development costs are significantly lower than that of any other proprietary flight simulator.

More info coming soon...